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Longertek adheres to the corporate culture philosophy of "virtue, benefit, balance and wisdom", sticks to the business concept of "Made by Longertek = Made by heart", devotes itself to the energy-saving research for rail transit vehicles, and focuses on the design and manufacture of energy-saving air conditioners for vehicles. Longertek Technology is the first to introduce inverter heat pump technology into vehicle air conditioning industry; and it complete HVAC energy consumption comparison in 8 regions.

  • Character and morality.Virtue means character and morality. It is the basis for people to live and conduct themselves. Good character and morality can make people consciously act in accordance with the interests and expectations of others in groups,

  • BenefitBenefit means interest. Longertek people cherish the virtues of the world and take the benefit of all humans as their code of conduct. The long-term interests should be "balanced".

  • Medium, unbiased and balanced.Balance means impartiality. It is the principle that people should follow in establishing long-term and win-win relationship with others.

  • WisdomAs for wisdom, it is the inherent quality that people can clearly insight into the nature and development trends of things, and effectively promote the unity of mind and matter to produce expected results.

Both "virtue" and "wisdom" are related to "heart" and both are the result of "heart" consciousness. "virtue" and "wisdom" come from cultivation. They are cultivated in the empty cup mentality of pure inaction, or practice in life and work, bit by bit. These four words have more specific meanings in different departments, different positions, different time and space, and different specific events. It depends on the self-perception and interpretation of each Longertek person.


" virtue, benefit, balance and wisdom " forms the main body of Longertek culture. Through the gathering of "hearts", it will form a resultant force with the spiral rise of each Longertek person and the whole Longertek technology.

Longertek Culture "virtue, benefit, balance and wisdom".


Longertek Technology takes the responsibility of leading technology and benefiting the people's livelihood. It serves the country with technology and strives to become an excellent leading company in air conditioning control system and rail air conditioning system.

Shandong Longertek Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2019, with the stock code of 300594, a registered capital of RMB 88,981,700 and more than 800 employees. Its branch companies include:  Qingdao Longertek Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Ruiqing Software Co., Ltd., Shenyang Longertek Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Longertek Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Longertek Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., Foshan Longertek Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Longertek Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., etc.…

Longertek·Core Technology
  • DC vector variable frequency speed regulation technology

    A full DC inverter rail transit vehicle air conditioning unit. The condensing fan, ventilator and compressor are all driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

  • Fuzzy variable frequency control technology

    Through the temperature, humidity, pressure, passenger flow, air volume and other parameters, logic calculations and control systems are carried out according to human comfort, which greatly improves comfort.

  • Thermodynamic optimization technology of electronic expansion valve in air conditioning system

    Heat pump heating adopts the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, which absorbs heat from a low-temperature heat source (outside the car) and supplies heat to a high-temperature heat source (in the car).

  • Adaptive restraint control technology of air conditioning system

    Automatically find the maximum cooling or heating capacity running under parameters such as ambient temperature and load to avoid repeated start and stop of the compressor affecting the comfort of the passenger compartment and avoid damage to the compressor

  • DC power supply technology for rail vehicle air conditioning

    It can increase the DC power input range, DC500V~DC900V can meet the requirements, expand the use range of DC-powered air-conditioning unit, and realize the variable frequency control of each component of the air-conditioning unit,

  • Mechatronics technology for rail vehicle air-conditioning

    The air-conditioning unit and the control cabinet form an integrated assembly. The internal components and electronic control components of the unit adopt a modular design, which is simple and reliable to disassemble and assemble,

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