Virtue means character and morality. It is the basis for people to live and conduct themselves. Good character and morality can make people consciously act in accordance with the interests and expectations of others in groups, organizations and society.


Benefit means interest. Longertek people cherish the virtues of the world and take the benefit of all humans as their code of conduct. The long-term interests should be "balanced". Longertek's benefits are based on the interests of the people's livelihood.


Balance means impartiality. It is the principle that people should follow in establishing long-term and win-win relationship with others. Those who have virtue and wisdom naturally can keep the balance. In accordance with the "balance" principle, we will naturally improve our moral character.


As for wisdom, it is the inherent quality that people can clearly insight into the nature and development trends of things, and effectively promote the unity of mind and matter to produce expected results. Excellent wisdom can make people produce the best results in limited time and space.

Both "virtue" and "wisdom" are related to "heart" and both are the result of "heart" consciousness. "virtue" and "wisdom" come from cultivation. They are cultivated in the empty cup mentality of pure inaction, or practice in life and work, bit by bit. These four words have more specific meanings in different departments, different positions, different time and space, and different specific events. It depends on the self-perception and interpretation of each Longertek person.


" virtue, benefit, balance and wisdom " forms the main body of Longertek culture. Through the gathering of "hearts", it will form a resultant force with the spiral rise of each Longertek person and the whole Longertek technology.