Technological Innovation

DC vector variable frequency speed regulation technology

A full DC inverter rail transit vehicle air conditioning unit. The condensing fan, ventilator and compressor are all driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. It has high efficiency and stepless speed regulation. It can realize the real-time adjustment of compressor speed and air volume according to the load demand, and the energy efficiency ratio is greatly improved.

Fuzzy variable frequency control technology

Through the temperature, humidity, pressure, passenger flow, air volume and other parameters, logic calculations and control systems are carried out according to human comfort, which greatly improves comfort.

Thermodynamic optimization technology of electronic expansion valve in air conditioning system

Heat pump heating adopts the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, which absorbs heat from a low-temperature heat source (outside the car) and supplies heat to a high-temperature heat source (in the car). The heat supplied to the room is equal to the heat absorbed from the outside plus the energy input by the compressor. When the load changes, the frequency changes, and the thermodynamic optimization technology always matches the air-conditioning system to operate at the highest efficiency with the least power consumption.

HVAC Constrained Adaptive Control Technology

It can automatically find the maximum cooling or heating capacity under parameters such as ambient temperature, load, etc., to avoid repeated start and stop of the compressor affecting the comfort of the passenger compartment, avoid damaging the compressor. It improves the reliability and practicability, reduces switching losses, saves energy and protects the environment. It is also scientific, intelligent, safe and reliable.

DC power supply technology for rail vehicle air conditioning

It can increase the DC power input range, DC500V~DC900V can meet the requirements, expand the use range of DC-powered air-conditioning unit, and realize the variable frequency control of each component of the air-conditioning unit, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving of the whole vehicle, and improve the reliability and comfort. 

Mechatronics technology for rail vehicle air-conditioning

The air-conditioning unit and the control cabinet form an integrated assembly. The internal components and electronic control components of the unit adopt a modular design, which is simple and reliable to disassemble and assemble, and is convenient for maintenance. Heat pump type vehicle air conditioner for both heating and cooling dual-purpose can make up for the shortage that the air conditioner of fixed-speed vehicle cannot heat at present. The air conditioning unit is equipped with emergency ventilation module. After three-phase power failure, the air conditioning unit can intelligently detect and automatically switch to the emergency ventilation mode. After the three-phase power is restored, it can automatically switch to the normal mode, which can save or greatly reduce the original sequence starting controller and achieve the purpose of weight reduction.