Air-cooled inverter room-level precision air conditioner

Product description:

The air conditioner of Longertek Yizhi series is an intelligent operation and maintenance product with modular design, air-cooled variable frequency, high-energy efficiency ratio, high safety and reliability, large air volume, large screen and full Chinese precise control technology. This professional energy-saving equipment has smart inverter, precise temperature control, and compressor oil return technology.

●Computer centers of enterprises and institutions (information centers)

● Education industry network center, supercomputer center, advanced laboratory and others

● Industrial high-tech environments and laboratories or workshops with requirements for temperature, humidity and cleanliness

● UPS room and battery room of building or factory

● Medium and large data room (IDC room)

● Biological laboratories and nuclear magnetic rooms in the medical industry

● Container energy storage room in the new energy industry

● Other scenes with special requirements for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, air volume, and air pressure

1. The modular structure design is helpful to the secondary handling at the installation site.

2. Full front maintenance. Side or back maintenance is also possible.

3. High energy efficiency ratio design, the large-area heat exchanger of the indoor unit adopts internal threaded copper tube and window fins, which can save energy;

4. High reliability: all key components of the equipment are controlled by frequency converter, which can save energy;

5. Chinese 7- inch LCD large screen intelligent control. 

6. Environmental protection R410A refrigerant, high heat exchange efficiency, energy saving;

7. Permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion control compressor, variable capacity stepless output cooling capacity, energy saving;

8. Using electronic expansion valve, fast calculation, flexible response and energy saving;

9. The indoor unit adopts a large-volume EC fan, energy saving;

10. The outdoor fan is controlled by a variable frequency controller, stepless speed regulation, energy saving;

11. The outdoor unit adopts V-shaped condenser, which saves space and energy;

Cooling capacity range: 20KW-100KW,

Air supply mode: downward air supply (The fan can sink), upper air supply (hood, air duct)

Working voltage: 380V 50HZ

Refrigerant: R410A

Electronic expansion valve, standard RS485 communication interface, DC inverter compressor, indoor and outdoor fans.

For more detailed parameters, please contact the marketing staff of Longertek Special Air Conditioning Department.