Air-cooled fixed speed small and medium power precision air conditioner

Product description:

Small and medium-sized precision air conditioners are mainly used in small and medium-sized data centers, network computer rooms, and communication base stations in telecom operations in financial, government, and corporate industries. Provide a stable temperature, humidity and clean environment for servers, network equipment, and communication equipment to ensure the stable operation of their main equipment.

● Small computer room

● Small data center, data room

● China Mobile and China Unicom Communication base stations

● Outdoor computer room, paging room

● Microwave and satellite ground station

● Network computer room, control center

1. It adopts the design of large air volume and high sensible heat ratio, and the upper and lower air supply fans are optional.

2. Equipped with large area evaporator to ensure the unit to ensure the optimal energy-saving operation in all weather.

3. Panasonic / cereal wheel compressor, a famous brand in the industry, is adopted to ensure the high life and high energy efficiency ratio of the unit.

4. Low noise fans are used for indoor and outdoor units.

5. The unit has compact structure, small floor area and full front maintenance.

6. Equipped with 7-inch touch screen, humanized operation interface; intelligent display of unit operation status and alarm information.

7. The unit can realize a full-frontal maintenance structure, which is convenient and simple to maintain;

8. Its flexible switching function between the main and standby machines can realize the automatic switching of the unit and the function of shift duty;

9. Famous brands such as Schneider, Siemens and ABB are selected to improve the reliability of the equipment. Cooling capacity range: 5KW-27.5KW.

Air supply mode: downward air supply (The fan can sink), upper air supply (hood, air duct)

Working voltage: (5 KW-7.5 KW) 220V/380V (12 KW-27.5 KW) 50HZ

Refrigerant: R410A

Electronic expansion valve, standard RS485 communication interface, stepless speed regulation of outdoor fan.

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