Air-cooled inverter inter-row-class (cabinet-level) precision air conditioner

Product description:

Longertek Huizhi series of air-cooled inverter inter-row air conditioner is an intelligent, efficient, variable-frequency, reliable and energy-saving air conditioner, which is specifically designed for small and medium-sized data centers with modular cold and hot channels and high heat density. It is placed close to the server cabinet and can continuously monitor heat load. And it is an energy-saving refrigeration equipment with high-efficiency cold source that automatically adjusts the cold output.

● Small and medium-sized computer rooms, power dispatching rooms, edge computing centers

● Hotel power distribution monitoring room or information center, computer room of primary and secondary schools

● Commercial Bank, Enterprise Factory Information Center

● Cable TV transmission room

● Single cabinet, single row cabinet, double row cabinet modular computer room, etc. with each cabinet power between 3KW-10KW.

1. The upper and lower nozzles can be selected according to the site conditions.

2. The design of high energy efficiency ratio, the large-area heat exchanger of the indoor unit adopts internally threaded copper tubes and window fins, which saves energy;

3. High reliability: all key parts of the equipment are controlled by inverters, which saves energy;

4. Chinese 7-inch LCD large screen intelligent control. 

5. Environmental protection R410A refrigerant, high heat exchange efficiency, energy saving;

6. Permanent magnet synchronous inverter control compressor, variable capacity stepless output cooling capacity, energy saving;

7. Using electronic expansion valve, fast calculation, flexible response and energy saving;

8. The indoor unit uses a large-volume EC fan to save energy;

9. The outdoor fan is controlled by an inverter controller, stepless speed regulation, energy saving;

10. The outdoor unit adopts V-shaped condenser, which saves space and energy;

Cooling capacity range: 10 KW-50 KW,

Equipment size and width: 300MM (below 2 5KW) and 600MM (above 30 KW)

Air supply mode: front air supply, horizontal air supply (air supply on both sides)

Working voltage: 380V 50HZ

Refrigerant: R410A

Electronic expansion valve, standard RS485 communication interface, DC inverter compressor, indoor and outdoor fans.

For more detailed parameters, please contact the marketing staff of Longertek Special Air Conditioning Department.