Industrial integrated air conditioning products

Product description:

The industrial integrated air conditioner is designed to solve the temperature control problem for: 5G communication base stations, power control cabinets, energy storage container battery warehouses, electrical warehouses and other cabinets with temperature requirements. It has large air volume and high wind pressure, which can meet the operation requirements of outdoor complex environment, and provide stable and reliable temperature and humidity (dehumidification) control solution.

● 5G communication base station

● Power industry

● Outdoor cabinet of environmental monitoring station

● New energy storage industry

● Electrical control cabinet in factory or production line

● Broadcasting signal transmission cabinet

● Highway ETC control or signal transmission cabinet

● Internet network cabinets and other work scenes with temperature requirements

1. High efficiency and environmental protection, the use of efficient energy-saving fan and highly reliable rotor compressor, to achieve high energy efficiency ratio, high reliability, long service life. The shell of the equipment is sprayed with metal sheet metal to prevent rust and corrosion.

2. Easy to install, integrated and easy to install design, that is, it can be used when it is powered on. The flange design is effective to prevent theft and protect the design from the harsh natural environment of wind and rain.

3. Intelligent control, standard RS485 interface, real-time system monitoring, multiple alarm prompt output, making operation simple and efficient, precise control of temperature (with electric heating) and high humidity (with dehumidification), electric heating and dehumidification functions to ensure normal electrical equipment Operating temperature and humidity environment, with self-start function upon incoming power. The temperature operating range is wide from -40 degrees to +55 degrees.

Working voltage: AC220V, 50HZ

Installation method: embedded installation with flange

Cooling capacity range: 300W-5000W

Refrigerant: R134A