Pure electric bus air conditioner B series (DB, UTB)

Product description:

Integrate the battery and cooling air conditioner together, reduce weight and save energy, DB series, UTB series integrated configuration.

● 6m ~18m pure electric road bus

● New energy buses

1. DC inverter compressor, low noise.

2. The vehicle-specific inverter has high reliability.

3. Fuzzy stepless variable frequency, high comfort.

4. The refrigeration energy efficiency ratio is above 3.4, which is 20% energy-saving than traditional electric air conditioners, increases the cruising range, integrates the battery and the cooling air conditioner, reduces the weight of the vehicle, and realizes comprehensive thermal management.

Power supply mode: DC200V~DC900V (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Rated cooling capacity: 10~40 KW

Rated heating capacity: 8~40 KW