Pure electric bus air conditioner S series

Product description:

Integrate the vehicle's comprehensive heat management system, realize energy recycling and utilization, and reduce vehicle energy consumption (comprehensive management of battery, motor, electric control and passenger room heating).

● 6m ~18m pure electric road bus

● New energy bus

1. DC inverter compressor, low noise.

2. The vehicle-specific inverter has high reliability.

3. Fuzzy stepless variable frequency, high comfort.

4. The refrigeration energy efficiency ratio is above 3.4, which is 20% energy-saving than traditional electric air conditioners, increases the cruising range, integrates the integrated vehicle thermal management system, and reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle.

Power supply mode: DC200V~DC900V (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Rated cooling capacity: 10~40 KW

Rated heating capacity: 8~40 KW